Mercedes and Dakota are three years old now.

The phrase 'lap dog' has an entire new meaning when it comes to an  Anatolian.

Miss Mercedes wants to be a lap dog in the worst way, but she is just a wee bit

too large. She has to settle for being a 'body' dog since she covers your entire

body when she joins you on the couch. She was moving so much these pics are

blurred but I think you can see just how big she is.



Mercedes at her finest!

Mercedes finally had enough and in the end she did win and Dakota had to go find another spot for his nap.

I think Mercedes was on their rug first, but Dakota decided to join her shoved her out of  his way.

Mercedes and Dakota have to do everything at the same time, even looking out their doggie door. 

They are always on 'their' rug at the same time also. Since they chew up whatever we rug we give them, there is just

 no use in replacing it each time it gets ragged like this one.


They love each other so much!